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Cartoon Network Speedway is a 2003 video game for the Game Boy Advance. The Eds and Jonny 2x4 are playable characters in it. A sequel was released in 2006 called Cartoon Network Racing; however, the Eds did not appear in it.

Cartoon Network Speedway - Back Cover

The back of the box.


The following characters are in the game:


Racer Show Speed Grip Weight
Ed, Edd & Eddy Ed, Edd n Eddy 4 4 7
Courage Courage the Cowardly Dog 6 6 3
Sheep Sheep in the Big City 6 3 6
Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo 6 2 7
Cow Cow and Chicken 4 3 8
Chicken Cow and Chicken 5 5 5
Jonny 2x4 and Plank Ed, Edd n Eddy 4 6 5
Muriel Courage the Cowardly Dog 3 7 5
Swanky Sheep in the Big City 5 6 4
Little Suzy Johnny Bravo 5 7 3
Red Guy Cow and Chicken 7 4 4
Supercow Cow and Chicken 5 3 7


The settings of these courses are overall self-explanatory with their names. They are based on the Cartoon Network series shows that the characters had come from. Many of them also feature shortcuts or objects to hamper the player's performance. The following are the courses in the game (in order of play):


Power-ups are pick-ups found on the course, intended to either push the player ahead or slow down one or all (depending on the power-up) opponents, giving the player executing the power-up a short-term advantage in the race. There are a variety of pick-ups available, many being long-ranged shots fired at opponents (some with a homing ability), with some being mine-type power-ups that can be dropped on the course, and others being unique. The following are the power-ups featured in the game:

  • Wiener Missile (1-3 per pick-up)
  • Leader Missile
  • Magnetizer
  • Rocket Fuel (3 per pick-up)
  • Homing Wiener (1-3 per pick-up)
  • Custard Pie Mine (3 per pick-up)
  • Mr. Kevin's Tonic
  • Tornado Missile
  • Thermo Bomb
  • Phase Out
  • Hole
  • Porkbutt
  • Homing Wiener
  • Wiener Missile
  • Protect Shield
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Electric Wheels
  • Frisbee



Character Show Unlocked by
Jonny 2x4 and Plank Ed, Edd n Eddy Beat the Big City and Playground in Challenge mode.
Muriel Courage the Cowardly Dog Beat Bravo Burbs and Edopolis in Challenge mode.
Swanky Sheep in the Big City Beat Down on the Farm and Farm Frolics in Challenge mode.
Little Suzy Johnny Bravo Beat Alpine Antics and Hot Rod Johnny in Challenge mode.
Red Guy Cow and Chicken Beat Desert Drive and Scary Speedway in Challenge mode.
Supercow Cow and Chicken Beat Movie Mayhem and Construction Derby in Challenge mode.


Course Show Referenced Unlocked by
Edopolis Ed, Edd n Eddy Complete Bravo Burbs in Challenge mode.
Down on the Farm Sheep in the Big City Complete Edopolis in Challenge mode.
Farm Frolics Courage the Cowardly Dog Complete Down on the Farm in Challenge mode.
Alpine Antics None Complete Farm Frolics in Challenge mode.
Hot Rod Johnny Johnny Bravo Complete Alpine Antics in Challenge mode.
Desert Drive None Complete Hot Rod Johnny in Challenge mode.
Scary Speedway None Complete Desert Drive in Challenge mode.
Movie Mayhem None Complete Scary Speedway in Challenge mode.
Construction Derby Ed, Edd n Eddy Complete Movie Mayhem in Challenge mode.


Power-Up Unlocked by
Rocket Fuel x3 Get 20,000 points or more in the Cartoon Speedway Championship.
Phase Out Come in first in the Cartoon Speedway Championship.
Weiner Missile x3 Get 30,000 points or more in the ACME Axel Championship.
Custard Pie Mine x3 Come in first in the ACME Axel Championship.
Homing Wiener x3 Get 40,000 points or more in the Fender Bender Frenzy.
Mr. Kevin's Tonic Come in first in the Fender Bender Frenzy.
Tornado Missile Get 50,000 points or more in the Manic Motorway Championship.
Homing Missile Come in first in the Manic Motorway Championship.
Thermo Bomb Get 60,000 points or more in the Kartoon Krunch Challenge.
Magnetizor Come in first in the Kartoon Krunch Challenge.


Trophy Unlock Won by
Cartoon Speedway Unlocked at start of game. Coming in top 3 in points in the Cartoon Speedway Championship.
ACME Axel Award Unlocked after winning the Cartoon Speedway Championship. Coming in top 3 in points in the ACME Axel Award Championship.
Fender Bender Frenzy Unlocked after winning the Acme Axel Award Championship. Coming in top 3 in points in the Fender Bender Frenzy Championship
Manic Motorway Unlocked after winning the Fender Bender Frenzy Championship. Coming in top 3 in points in the Manic Motorway Championship.
Kartoon Krunch Challenge Unlocked after winning the Manic Motorway Championship. Coming in top 3 in points in the Kartoon Krunch Challenge Championship.


If the player comes in the top 3 of a championship, a trophy is given to the player, and a new championship is unlocked with a new trophy to be won. There are five trophies in total.

  • Cartoon Speedway
  • ACME Axel Award
  • Fender Bender Frenzy
  • Manic Motorway
  • Kartoon Krunch Challenge


After winning a championship or a challenge, a password is unlocked, which can be entered in order to regain unlocked goodies if progress is inadvertently lost.

  • Playground Challenge Password: 206 81304
    Unlocks: Jonny 2x4 and Plank
  • Bravo Burbs Challenge Password: 220 90933
    Unlocks: Edopolis
  • Edopolis Challenge Password: 291 20370
    Unlocks: Muriel, Down on the Farm
  • Down on the Farm Challenge Password: 061 40658
    Unlocks: Farm Frolics
  • Farm Frolics Challenge Password: 931 70936
    Unlocks: Swanky, Alpine Antics
  • Alpine Antics Password: 002 00314
    Unlocks: Hot Rod Johnny
  • Hot Rod Johnny Password: 762 30691
    Unlocks: Little Suzy, Desert Drive
  • Desert Drive Password: 532 50979
    Unlocks: Scary Speedway
  • Scary Speedway Password: 503 80257
    Unlocks: Red Guy, Movie Mayhem
  • Movie Mayhem Password: 473 10634
    Unlocks: Construction Derby
  • Construction Derby Password: 343 40912
    Unlocks: Supercow
  • All Characters Password: 909 71651
    Unlocks: All characters.
  • Cartoon Speedway Championship Password: 820 10050
    Unlocks: Cartoon Speedway trophy, ACME Axle Award championship, Rocket Fuel x3 power-up, Phase Out power-up
  • ACME Axel Award Password: 859 91671
    Unlocks: ACME Axel Award trophy, Fender Bender Frenzy championship, Wiener Missile x3 power-up, Custard Pie Mine x3 power-up
  • Fender Bender Frenzy Password: 769 31792
    Unlocks: Fender Bender Frenzy trophy, Manic Motorway championship, Homing Wiener x3 power-up, Mr. Kevin's Tonic power-up
  • Manic Motorway Password: 129 11855
    Unlocks: Manic Motorway trophy, Kartoon Krunch Challenge championship, Tornado Missile power-up, Homing Missile power-up
  • Unlock Everything Password: 969 81951
    Unlocks: Everything.


The game was poorly received by critics and gamers alike. On IGN, it received a 3 out of 10, reviewer Craig Harris stating "Cartoon Network Speedway is one of the sloppiest and most generic kart racers released on the Game Boy Advance." It currently has a 53% rating on Game Rankings. It was also given a 65 out of 100 from Next Level Gaming, a 3 out of 5 from Nintendo Power, and a 58 out of 100 from VG-Force. Complaints centered around bad and choppy graphics, the slow pace, Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls not being available, and the lack of challenging gameplay.


  • Goofs:
    • When playing as the Eds on the Hot Rod Johnny track, one of the opponents is another team of Eds.
    • Jonny's name is misspelled as "Johnny 2x4."
    • Edtropolis is misspelled as "Edopolis."
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy has two race locations in the game: Edopolis (which actually looks more like the Cul-de-Sac) and the Construction Derby.
  • Each course usually contains at least one shortcut, which is usually used by at least one competitor.
    • Edopolis contains two that are never used by any other competitors, allowing the player to win easily by using them.
  • Cow and Chicken has the most racers in the game, with a total of four.
    • However, in terms of total characters, Ed, Edd n Eddy has the most with five (spread out over two carts), while Cow and Chicken has three characters and Cow's superhero alter-ego (spread out over four carts).
  • Each team is given fifteen points, which are in some way spread out over three categories: Speed, Grip, and Weight. Speed refers to top speed, Grip to handling, and Weight to stopping power. The most unbalanced racer is Cow, with 8 in Weight, only 4 in Speed, and 3 in Grip, while her brother Chicken is the most balanced racer, with a 5 in all categories.
    • The Eds are also very balanced, coming in at just under average for Speed and Grip with 4 apiece, and with a stopping power of 7.
    • Jonny is also balanced, with Speed of 4, Grip of 6, and Weight of 5.
  • The ACME Axel Award is named after the ACME corporation that supplies the majority of items for many cartoons such as Looney Tunes.



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