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Cartoon Network is a cable television network created by Turner Broadcasting which primarily shows animated programming aimed at children. It is the network on which Ed, Edd n Eddy was broadcasted. Coincidentally, the network's original mascot was The Jester, a character that ran from 1992 to 1997, and was created by Ed, Edd n Eddy creator Danny Antonucci.

The original American channel began broadcasting on October 1, 1992 with the Bugs Bunny short "Rhapsody Rabbit," being its first-ever aired program. Cartoon Network originally served as a 24-hour outlet for classic animation properties from the Turner Broadcasting libraries.

Cartoon Network is mainly youth-oriented, but shares channel space with a late-night adult-oriented channel skein called Adult Swim. In recent years, despite its name, Cartoon Network began airing more live-action programming, including movies and series, even beginning to broadcasting in 1080i High Definition. The number of live-action series has decreased since 2010; however, this is largely due to the failure of their live-action reality show block, entitled "CN Real."

There are also many variants of Cartoon Network around the world.

Ed, Edd n Eddy[]

Ed, Edd n Eddy was one of Cartoon Network's most popular shows and currently the longest running series on the network with a lifespan of ten years. Reruns continued to air after the feature-length film finale was aired in 2009. The Cartoon Network website contains a variety of different Ed, Edd n Eddy online games.

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