Ed, Edd n Eddy

A close-up of the stew.

Carbuncle of the Flesh Stew is an old family tradition recipe revealed in "X Marks the Ed" that only Rolf, his family, and other natives from his homeland know how to create. It is basically used for healing skin and possibly body blemishes such as zits, rashes, etc. The stew takes about 14 days and 14 nights to simmer in order for the effect of the stew to fully work. Rolf apparently thought ahead and pre-made the stew as he was probably aware of Eddy's impatience. The stew's effectiveness also requires a ritual which involves the subject marinating in lard before treatment and the affected area being placed in a box with a chicken for 24 hours immediately after application of the stew. When the stew was used on Eddy, it cured his zit problem but also shrunk his head, making him talk in a high-pitched voice. Edd was intellectually compelled by the stew and its effects, while Ed wanted to experience it for himself.


  • Softened squid (it has to be massaged before being placed into the stew)
  • Grated turnip (turnip has to be grated away completely)
  • Fish entrails (with a fish head and tail to be precise and taking care not to bruise them)
  • Pickled Towel of Mirth (a towel saturated in pickle juice)
  • Other various strange ingredients that are unknown


  • A carbuncle is a very bad skin sore that is larger than a boil.