Ed, Edd n Eddy

If you are looking for the factory in which Kevin's Dad works, see Jawbreakers.

Candy Factory was a game on the UK Cartoon Network website based on Ed, Edd n Eddy.


The goal of this game is to simply shoot all the candies according to their designated color tubes. The tubes have three colors: yellow, red and green. In this game, a player plays as Edd, shooting the candies. Each candy is shot after a short period of time. Eddy is the obstacle in this game, who eats candies from the tubes. To prevent Eddy eating the candies, a player must shoot him with screws to make him go away.

During the gameplay, the candy shooting nozzle increases in speed. There are a range of scores which correspond to points; beginner shot is for 0-9 points, skilled shooter (intermediate) is for 10-19 points, and expert shot is for 20 points or more.


  • Ed (as Edd's assistant)
  • Edd (as playable character)
  • Eddy (as a candy eater, can be avoided by shooting screws at him)


  • The intro theme and character voices are not in English, but the instructions are.
  • There is a cat that appears on the trash bin behind one of the candy tubes. A player can shoot it with screws to gain more points.
    • Interestingly, because hitting the cat with candies doesn't take a life, the shooter can just be pointed at the cat, waiting for a screw to come up and give the player points without any risk of losing a life.


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