Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Eds and Kankers getting ready.

The Canadian Squirt Gun Duel was a battle between the Eds and the Kanker Sisters in "Know it All Ed," with both trios using Canadian squirt guns as their choice of weaponry. After the Kankers stole the Eds' money and squirted them with their special perfume, Krankshaft No. 5, Eddy swore that he would get his revenge. The Eds marched over to the construction site, where the Kankers were waiting for them. The epic battle had then started once Eddy yelled "Draw!" and the Eds started to fire constantly at the Kankers with several squirt guns. Edd even brought a special weapon, a Gatling gun which made him go from being fearful to having a strong adrenaline rush (until Eddy told him to calm down because it was just a toy). Despite this, the Eds managed to miss every single shot and only surround the Kankers with a small pool of water. The Kankers then shot the Eds with their special ammo, Kanker rubber cement, which trapped them on the ground. The Kankers then gave the Eds some "home cooking," ending the battle and resulting in the Eds losing against the Kankers yet again.


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