Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Canadian Squirt Gatling Gun was a weapon that first appeared in "Know it All Ed." It's primary construction consists of seven Canadian Squirt Guns fastened to a rotating cylinder. The operator cranks a handle (located on the housing behind the cylinder), causing the squirt guns to rotate in a clockwise motion. An unknown component then compresses the handles of the squirt guns, causing them to discharge a small amount of their ammo. While the weapon had substantial firepower, it lacked overall accuracy, as shown during the shootout between the Eds and the Kankers. There, Edd fired a heaping amount of water, but somehow managed to miss every single shot used.

The Canadian Squirt Gatling Gun seemed appropriate for the Eds' Western-themed showdown, as real world Gatling guns were in use from the mid 19th century to the early 20th century; a time period often associated with the old west.

The Canadian Squirt Gatling Gun would reappear in "3 Squares and an Ed," inside The Cabinet of Failed Inventions.

Construction Items[]

  • Flower Pot (supporting sight)
  • Wooden Post (support/mount)
  • Cranking Handle (firing mechanism)
  • Box (housing)
  • Metal Cylinder (frame)
  • Belt (holds the Canadian squirt guns)
  • 7 Canadian Squirt Guns (the "gun barrels"/guns)

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