Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Bowling Ball Cannon was featured in "The Eds are Coming," when the Kids tried to battle the "aliens." In order to fire the cannon, it's persumed that one must place bowling balls through the tube at the top of the cannon, then crank a handle that compresses a spring that, when released, will launch the bowling balls forward at high velocity. Unfortunately, this tactic failed miserably for the kids as Ed panicked and rolled the balls at Rolf's house instead. The balls followed a course to the hedges along the sides of the house, rolling past it harmlessly. This wasted all the ammo and resulted in what Ed termed a "gutter ball." Kevin was seen using it later, however; at the end of the episode, he pointed the cannon at Rolf's house and got ready to launch the balls at any aliens foolish enough to exit their stronghold.

Construction Items[]

  • Tubing (Cannon)
  • Bowling Balls (Ammo)
  • Spring (Launcher)
  • Bike Pedal (Crank)

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