Ed, Edd n Eddy

Bottomwess Ed was one of Eddy's very first scams that appeared during a flashback in "Every Which Way But Ed." The scam was Eddy trying to show off Ed's amazing eating skills by having him eat an entire TV. The scam was intended to cost a quarter, but Edd, who believed the feat was impossible, happily gave Eddy two quarters (to his delight). To prove him wrong, Ed dug his fork into the TV, accidentally hooking Eddy on the end of the fork, and proceeded to eat both the TV and Eddy. This disgusted Edd, who ran away from the scam, nauseated.


  • This is technically the first scam that Eddy is seen performing (due to his young age).
  • This is where Ed and Eddy first meet Edd.
  • This scam was actually successful when it was performed outside of the flashback, as Edd mentioned having fallen for it when they first met.


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