Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Body Heat Seeking Goggles are a pair of high tech goggles created by Edd.


Heat-Seeking Mode[]

In this mode, the wearer can see the heat signatures of multiple people. Ed made extensive use of this mode while playing hide and seek as the seeker, being able to find the rest of the kids with ease.

X-Ray Mode[]

In this mode, the wearer can see through objects and people. It was first demonstrated in "In Like Ed", where Edd used it to look inside the presents at Jimmy's birthday party without opening them. It can be presumed that Edd installed this mode sometime before the events of the episode.


  • A small slab of metal (Goggle Pieces)
  • 2 monocular lenses (Vision Sight)
  • A small switch (On/Off piece)
  • Thermal infrared energy (Power)
  • Duct tape (Holds pieces together)
  • A vacuum tube (Light)


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