Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Big Daddy Cruiser was a part of the Crazy Ed's Custom Hot Bikes scam in "Ed, Ed and Away."


Eddy openly stated how stupid Kevin's bike was, diverting his attention to Eddy and the scam. When Kevin showed up to confront Eddy, he was quickly introduced to "Crazy Ed's Hot Bikes" and the wide selection of bikes available. He was almost immediately shown this particular bike. Kevin, for some odd reason, actually really liked the looks of the bike and asked Eddy if he could try it out, to which he agreed. He gave it a test run around the block. Everything started out okay, as the bike operated well, even being able to pull off tricks. However, the scam was soon ruined when, due to its poor design, it fell apart. Eddy got hit by the pedal Kevin threw at him while Edd complained about why they used kitchen utensils for parts.

Before the imminent failure of the scam, Edd complained to Eddy that he shouldn't have let Kevin test the bike. He said that the instructions given to him were to "build a bike that looked good," and that was it. He also complained that Eddy told him that Kevin "wouldn't do that," in regards to doing tricks on the bike. Eddy's mistake for this scam was to not anticipate potential customers wanting to try before they buy, resulting in bikes that looked good, but were unfit to perform.


  • Lawn Chair (seat)
  • 2 Large Inner Tubes (back tires)
  • 1 Small Bike Tire (to pose as a main wheel)
  • 2 Golf clubs (handles)
  • Bike Pedals (makes the bike going)
  • Toaster (to pose as the gas tank)
  • Oil Can (fake head light)
  • Blue Metal Poles (to a pose as a body)
  • Spoon and Forks (wheel's wires)