Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Battle of Club Ed was a battle fought in "Virt-Ed-Go" between the Kanker Sisters and the Eds. The battle was fought over the Eds' newly constructed and opened club house.


After seeing a plane carrying a banner saying to join someone's clubhouse, the Eds decided to make their own club. After spending the better part of a day painfully building the treehouse, they finally completed it, although it wasn't nearly like they had originally planned. After bringing the other kids over to see their latest creation, they were shocked to find their clubhouse that they worked so hard on, had been taken over and redesigned by the Kanker Sisters. Humiliated, Eddy declared war to drive the Kankers out of the clubhouse.

The Battle itself[]

Eddy and Edd began the battle by trying to surprise the Kankers, but blew their cover when the Kankers saw them on their line and made them get stuck. Next, they used water balloons, but that backfired when the water balloons created a pile on the deck, and the Kankers fired back, and all but Edd got hit. Eddy then told Ed to give him a boost up to the club, but Ed threw him through the floor, and Eddy was beaten up by the Kankers and thrown into a brush of thorn bushes for not bringing flowers. Ultimately, the Kankers were the victors.

The Aftermath[]

The other Eds abandoned the battle to find their comrade and spent the rest of the day tending to Eddy's wounds while Eddy thought of another scam idea from the experience.

The clubhouse was later seen in "The Day the Ed Stood Still", still bearing the renovation design of the Kankers. It was later completely destroyed by Edzilla and never seen again.


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