Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Angel Costume is a costume Edd created in the Christmas special to try and convince Eddy to quit being so selfish. The costume consisted of mainly a white robe and two cardboard wings, painted to resemble angel wings. However, a rope running through several pulleys (attached to a tree) was tied onto the costume, allowing Edd to look like he was descending from the sky. Ed assisted with the costume, holding the rope so that Edd would be able to float.

In the end, the ploy was unsuccessful, as Eddy didn't turn back to his family. Instead, he simply destroyed the machine and took Edd's wings so that he could pretend to be an angel for Jimmy.


  • Cardboard Wings
  • A robe
  • Purple belt and Hanger (halo)
  • Rope
  • Several pulleys


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