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"All Eds Are Off" is the 18th episode of Season 5 and the 120th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, the boys (except Jimmy) make a bet of who can put off their annoying habits the longest. Eddy, to ensure that he wins the bet, starts trying to make all the other guys give in to their annoying habits by doing things that provoke their neuroses.


As we all know, the Eds have moved on to middle school, and with this move has come a new morning routine of having exercise first thing in the day. Today, the kids are splashing around in the Peach Creek Community Pool, although while Edd is invigorated by the morning exercise, Eddy would rather just sleep. Ed has something entirely different in mind, though, as his early morning routine consists of eating as much gravy as possible. Edd is worried by this, but has no time to lecture, as they all have to leap off the diving board. Ed is the last one off of the board, and when he jumps off, his package of instant gravy mix plops into the water and opens shortly thereafter, turning the pool into a gigantic vat of gravy, much to Ed's delight and everyone else's ire.

By the end of the lesson, the still irritated kids are fully ready to get on the bus and go to school, especially Kevin, who still has gravy in his ears, and Eddy, who’s mad that he somehow got detention for something that was Ed's fault and not his. Ed doesn't mind as he's still eating enormous quantities of gravy that he has stored on his person. When Edd asks Ed if he even thinks about what his obsession with gravy is doing to him, Eddy complains that Ed couldn't give up gravy if he tried, Edd is quick to point out that Eddy can't stop yelling, and Eddy retorts that Edd always uses gigantic words, gaining support from Plank who believes that Edd would lose sanity if he is unable to use words with more than a single syllable. Across the aisle from them, Kevin mocks them and calls them dorks, causing Rolf to wager a quarter and his love of mammal flesh (meat) that Kevin can't give up saying "dork." Seeing that a bet is in motion, Eddy moves over to Jonny and suggests that he can't give up listening to his 2x4. Nervous, Jonny agrees to give up Plank, and soon a deal is struck: all will wager a quarter, and the winner will take home the stack.

When the next day comes, everyone is confident in their abilities, including Rolf, who is emptying his locker of all meat. However, the first test comes when Sarah bumps into Eddy and yells at him. Eddy is at first about to yell back, but he swallows his words and calmly walks off, much to the confusion of Sarah and Jimmy. Things get wackier when Jonny pounces on Jimmy and demands to be told what to do; when Jimmy gingerly suggests that Jonny do math homework for him, Jonny gets up, grabs some books, and heads into the library to start work. Eddy sees this and is about to call for his friends, but remembering the bet, he simply goes off and gets Edd to show him the spectacle. Edd is annoyed by Eddy's glee, and this annoyance turns to worry when Ed shows up with all the symptoms of withdrawal. As usual, Eddy revels in his friends' troubles, as it means he's much closer to winning the bet.

Things get even worse at lunch, as when Eddy sees that nobody has cracked, he realizes he needs to kick it up a notch. His first target is Kevin, whom he smacks with spitballs. Eddy gets his opponent to turn around and yell at him, but Kevin is quickly able to stop himself from saying the fateful word. Edd reprimands his friend the best he can in single-syllable words, but is distracted when Jonny dumps a huge pile of washed socks onto the table, having apparently been given the task by Eddy. Eddy grins, and then spots Ed sucking on the table, because it tastes a wee bit like gravy. Thinking quickly, Eddy goes over and gives Ed a nice big plate of mashed potatoes–with no gravy. Ed throws the plate away when he realizes the torture it poses, and the plate slams into Kevin's head.

This is the last straw, and Kevin angrily calls Eddy a dork as loudly as he can and as much as he can in a single sentence. Eddy grins as Kevin walks away, able to accept the loss of twenty-five cents in return for the release of so much tension. The next target is Edd, whom Eddy irks by crossing out words in the dictionary. After only a few words are scratched out, Edd angrily snatches the dictionary away and lets out a sentence-long tirade full of lengthy words, costing him his buy-in. With almost half of his competitors out of the bet, Eddy locks in on Jonny, and proceeds to anger Jonny by pretending to be taking his place as Plank's best friend. Of course, Jonny can't stand this, and he takes back Plank and exits the lunchroom, along the way letting in Rolf, who is so weak from lack of protein he couldn't open the door to the cafeteria.

While Rolf attempts to eat his vegetables, Eddy taunts him by taking a huge bite out of a sausage and showing off the meat. Unable to take it, Rolf goes over to the meat counter and proceeds to gorge his way through it, along the way knocking the lid off of what appears to be a huge vat of gravy. Seeing this, Ed goes over and is about to leap in when Edd tries to urge him against it. By this point, though, Ed is impervious to reason, and he leaps into the vat headfirst. Seeing this, Eddy cheers, believing that he's won the bet, and he loudly announces that he's won. Unfortunately, it seems that what Ed really dove into was a pot of butterscotch pudding, as it's Fun With Butterscotch Pudding Tuesday in the cafeteria. Of course, since Eddy yelled, this means that the yellow-skinned dullard has scooped the pot and can do what he wants with his winnings.

The only downside for Ed is that he's allergic to butterscotch pudding. Eddy is upset at having lost, of course, and demands to know what Ed will do with the money. As a response to this, Ed reaches into his pocket and pulls out a gravy catalog full of all types of exotic gravy. Eddy is mortified by this, but Edd is rather happy, as it's an excellent example of irony. Hearing this, Eddy gets an idea and creeps off; when he comes back, he has the pot of butterscotch pudding, and whaddaya know, he's sadistically written Ed's name on it. Spooked, Ed grabs Edd and makes a run for it while Eddy gives chase, ready to give his victorious friend what for.

The Bet[]

  • Name: Ed
    Habit: Gravy consumption.
    Failure: None.
    Place: Winner of the bet. Collected the pot of $1.25.
  • Name: Eddy
    Habit: Yelling loudly.
    Failure: Eddy loudly proclaimed victory after observing Ed dive into a pot of what appeared to be gravy when, in actuality, it was butterscotch pudding.
    Place: 2nd/Runner-up
  • Name: Rolf
    Habit: Meat consumption.
    Failure: Eddy tempted Rolf by rapturously eating meat himself, causing Rolf to give in to temptation.
    Place: 3rd
  • Name: Jonny 2x4
    Habit: Taking orders from Plank.
    Failure: Eddy let Plank give him orders, enraging Jonny, and causing him to forfeit the bet.
    Place: 4th
  • Name: Edd
    Habit: Using lengthy, challenging words.
    Failure: Eddy crossed out some challenging words in a dictionary; goading Edd into a long-worded rant.
    Place: 5th
  • Name: Kevin
    Habit: Calling the Eds "dorks".
    Failure: Eddy relentlessly provoked him (pelting him with spit-balls, and lobbing a plate full of mashed potatoes into his face) until he snapped.
    Place: 6th


  • Goofs:
    • The side of the school bus reads "Peach Creek H.S.", even though the kids go to a middle school, not a high school.
    • When Ed walks up to the diving board, he does not have the gravy mix tucked in his underwear. Moments later, it appears when he dives into the pool.
      • After Ed hits the water, Eddy's body disappears for several frames.
    • When Eddy starts talking to Plank, a poster behind them advertises veggie pizza. On it, veggie is misspelled as "vegge".
    • When Ed surfaces from under the butterscotch pudding, some of it splashes onto Edd. When the camera pans back to Edd, he is completely clean.
    • Edd states that Ed won $1.25 in the bet. When Edd holds up the roll of coins, it contains 13. If they are all quarters, as seen on the top and bottom, the amount would total $3.25, far more than the original bet.
  • The names on the lockers contain several staff references:
    • Bonni (Bonni Reid, color design)
    • Dan (Daniel Sioui, producer)
    • Kylie (Kylie Ellis, production manager)
    • Vince (Vince Orcullo, design coordinator)
    • Zoe (Zoë Borroz, production assistant)
  • Ed breaks the fourth wall by staring at the audience and saying "Don't touch that dial, kids."
  • The title card references several plot elements:
    • A dictionary, reflecting Edd's habit.
    • A gravy boat, reflecting Ed's habit.
    • The person's clothes resemble Eddy's clothes.
    • The opening of the coat, and presentation of the items in it. This reflects how Eddy tempted the others to give in to their bad habits.
  • There is a possible reference to famed novelist, Stephen King. When Eddy stands on the stack of books to spy on Jonny in the library, two of the books are "Stand" and "Tower". This is a possible reference to two of King's books: The Stand and The Dark Tower (series).
    • Alternatively, the names may simply reflect how Eddy uses them as a stand.
  • Ed's Gravy Cakes from Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle reappear.
  • Rolf wagers his love for mammal flesh. Technically, he could still eat fish and poultry (such as chicken). It's possible, though, that this would not satisfy Rolf.
  • Eddy called Ed, "Ahab" at the beginning of the episode. This is a reference to the book Moby-Dick, in which Captain Ahab is one of the main characters.
  • The "Fun With Butterscotch Pudding Tuesday" event indicates that this episode takes place on a Tuesday.
    • This is the second episode set on a Tuesday. The first was "It's Way Ed".
  • In the Latin American dub, the word "Butterscotch" was replaced by an idiom called "Mole de olla" a famous Mexican dish based of vegetables and beef meat.
  • This episode, along with "Smile for the Ed", first aired in the UK on November 8, 2006; approximately 5 months before airing in the USA.
  • At the end, a poster behind Ed advertises the "4-F Club Annual Hoedown". This is a parody of "4-H", a network of youth organizations operating in the USA & Canada.
  • At the beginning, the license plate of the school bus reads "AKA-4". This is a reference to the production studio, A.K.A. Cartoon.


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