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"A Twist of Ed" is the 12th episode of Season 4 and the 89th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, the Eds have become fed up with the Kankers pouncing on them with their love, so they wish to find a way to get them out of their hair for good. After seeing Rolf break a large rock with a smaller one, Edd gets inspiration and tells his friends that they should try and use reverse psychology to beat the Kankers at their own game.


Edd is polishing the wooden lawn tables and chairs in his backyard when he comes across a suspicious item: a lipstick case. Edd is initially confused, but soon realizes who owns it, and is at that moment attacked by Marie and romantically mauled. While this is happening, Ed is searching for a spoon for his bowl of Chunky Puffs, and finds May in his utensil drawer. Ed soon suffers the same fate as Edd, unfortunately, leaving Eddy the only one to not have been mauled by the Kankers. This is largely due to his late hours of awakening, however; when he gets up and takes a shower, he finds Lee in his shower and suffers the same horror his friends did.

The Eds each individually make their way to the Retro Van in the junkyard as a means of escaping the Kankers. Once inside, they find each other and recognize the familiar lipstick stains. Upon figuring out what happened, Eddy is fed up and angry, especially after Ed points out his disrupted hygiene. He puts the whole brunt of finding a solution on Edd, much to his chagrin. Things get worse for him when his impatient friends start loudly exhorting him to think, not giving him any peace and quiet in which he might find a solution. Eventually, fed up, he leaves the van, and his friends follow.

Edd then proceeds to wander about the Cul-de-Sac, looking for ideas. He soon finds Rolf, who is breaking up large rocks with smaller ones. An idea starts to bloom in his mind, and he follows Rolf down the lane. Rolf is about to bring his rock down on another rock when Ed appears in front of him. Rolf stops before he hits Ed, and Ed asks what Rolf is doing. Rolf proceeds to explain that he is using smaller rocks to break bigger rocks, and that only a rock will break a rock. Ed doesn't understand this at all, but this gives Edd the inspiration he needs. Edd quickly thanks Rolf, grabs Ed, and heads off to tell Eddy what he's figured out. Eddy, like Ed, has no idea what Edd means, even when Edd points out that he's talking about reverse psychology. To demonstrate how reverse psychology works, Edd tells Ed not to eat a mound of dirt. Ed at first is able to obey this simple suggestion, but finds himself on the ground soon enough, chowing down on the dirt. Despite Edd's obvious demonstration of how this works, Eddy still doesn't get it, so Edd comes up with a new way to show what he means.

His process involves finding the Kankers and setting Ed out upon them. While the Kankers are fighting over a hair clip, Edd lowers Ed from a tree in which he and Eddy are hiding, with instructions to not approach and woo the Kankers. Ed makes his way over to them, under the spell of reverse psychology, and gets their attention. The Kankers initially circle him, sharklike, making Eddy fear for his friend; however, Ed then compliments May. He then proceeds to dance with Lee and Marie before offering them a hatful of melted chocolate and candy. By this time, the Kankers are somewhat scared of Ed's odd behavior; when Ed suggests they "pitch some woo", however, it's the final straw. The Kankers then proceed to hightail it back home and away from the weirdness in the woods. Eddy and Edd, meanwhile, lower themselves from their hiding spot, and Eddy congratulates Ed on his performance. He becomes scared, however, when Edd says that their work isn't done; in order to get rid of the Kankers forever, they'll need to enter the lion's den. Eddy refuses when he hears this, but Edd uses reverse psychology on Ed in order to get Ed to bring Eddy with them.

When the Kankers get home, they lock the door, still weirded out by what happened in the woods. Suddenly, Edd pops up in front of them, with a platter of freshly laundered socks. Ed then comes out of the kitchen with some pancakes for them. Freaked out, the girls run upstairs to their room only to find Edd inside it, having labeled everything. Properly afraid, they run downstairs in order to call the cops, only to be greeted by Ed when Lee picks up the phone. Their next solution is to leave the trailer entirely and hide in the great outdoors, but when they open the door, Edd is outside plucking the petals off of a daisy. Seeing this, they run away only to face Eddy. At this point, they're so worked up that they don't notice Eddy's fear, and run away from him as well, right into a closet. When they get in the closet, however, they find Ed hiding there. The Kankers run out, looking for any hiding place at all, and find Edd blocking their way. They then back into a corner and cower there, afraid of their suddenly stalker-like boyfriends.

Edd knows, however, that to seal the deal, Eddy will have to make them fear him as well. To this end, he places a bouquet of flowers in Eddy's hands and pushes him forward. Eddy faces the Kankers nervously, and a drop of sweat rolls down his face and plops onto the floor. Lee spots this and points it out to her sisters, who grin devilishly. The trio of girls then pretend to be scared and trot upstairs to their room. None of the Eds notice this playacting, however, thinking that the girls are really still afraid of them.

Eddy then confidently leads his friends upstairs and bursts into the Kankers' room. He and his friends are looking for the sisters when the door suddenly slams behind them. They turn around just in time to see Lee lock it and drop a key down her shirt, sarcastically saying that the situation is horrible, which surprises Edd. He then sees May drag Ed into the closet, and Edd begins to worry. He checks his Reverse Psychology Manual only for Marie to pop up between the pages while he's flipping through it. At this point, Edd realize the tables have turned, and the Eds scream as the Kankers revert to their usual shenanigans of kissing their unwilling "boyfriends".


  • Goofs:
    • When Edd goes to investigate the lipstick dispenser, his goggles disappear.
    • When Ed ruffles May's hair, the coloring of May's left arm briefly changes to Ed's.
    • Marie's character flickers up and down moments before Ed tangos with them.
    • As Ed pulls Lee and Marie upright during the tango, Lee and Marie's right hands are shown to be free. In the shots before and after this, their right hands are taped to Ed's jacket.
    • When Ed squirts ketchup on the pancakes, Marie's hair is reversed; covering her left eye instead of her right.
    • May's mouth does not move when she says, "Let's hide in our room!"
  • This episode debuted on a Monday, as part of Cartoon Network's "November Premieres" block. In it, new episodes of Cartoon Network shows would premiere throughout the month (from the 3rd to the 27th). Ordinarily, most episodes premiered on Fridays.
  • After Eddy pulls Lee out of the shower drain, Eddy's hand can be seen rubbing down the steamy glass door. This is a reference to the 1997 movie, Titanic.
  • The author of Edd's Reverse Psychology Manual is Kent Webb, a storyboard artist at A.K.A. Cartoon.
  • Edd gives socks to show his love. This trait was first mentioned in the series bible. It has also been stated on the Cartoon Network website, a quiz book, and one comic ("Secret Ed-Mirer"). Edd gives another sock to show his love to May in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo.
  • This is the third and final appearance of the Retro Van. It previously appeared in "Dawn of the Eds" and "Dueling Eds."
  • Before Ed dances with Lee and Marie, he shouts, "Let's mambo!" In actuality, he is doing a tango.
  • Edd's Reverse Psychology Manual reappears in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo, where it was seen in the pile of garbage from Ed's locker.


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