Ed, Edd n Eddy

A Tree Grows In Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, Eddy attempts to create a Jawbreaker Tree. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party issue #33.


Jonny observes the Eds attempting to retrieve a pair of shoes from a suspended cable. At the same time, Eddy ponders who may have put the shoes there. According to Plank, the shoes may have naturally grown on the cable. Laughing this off, Eddy jokes that jawbreakers can grow on trees too. Inspired by his own statement, Eddy conceives an idea to scam Jonny: sell him a Jawbreaker Tree. Excited, Eddy rushes off with Ed and Edd.

Later on, Eddy goes into more detail about his plan. First, the Eds will convince Jonny that jawbreakers are seeds, and can be planted to grow Jawbreaker Trees. Next, he will have Jonny hand a plethora of them over to the Eds. Finally, the Eds will create a Jawbreaker Tree forest. Having Edd handle the science, Edd attempts to see if Eddy's vision is possible.

In Edd's garage, Edd is hard at work planning and studying. His conclusion is that there is a remote possibility this feat can be achieved. However, it will take at least fifty to sixty years to see the results. Unsatisfied with this time frame, Eddy adjusts his scam.

The Eds will market the possibility of a Jawbreaker Tree instead. Fabricating a proof of concept, Eddy obtains a jawbreaker from Edd, and ties it to a root. The Eds then head off to find Jonny.

When presented with the Jawbreaker Tree, Jonny is quite impressed. Plank, however, thinks the tree is sad. To remedy this, Ed suggests they throw a party for it, in order to cheer it up. Jonny thinks this is a great idea, and wants to invite everyone. Ed also suggests everyone bring jawbreakers to make friends with the tree. Seeing an opportunity, Eddy believes this plan is genius.

Later, the Eds throw a party. Several kids show up, jawbreakers in hand. Edd instructs all arriving party goers to leave their jawbreakers with the tree, so they can all get to know each other.

Eventually, the kids play a game of pin the tail on the donkey, with Ed as the donkey. As is typical of Ed's behavior, he makes quacking sounds when portraying the donkey. Rolf takes offense at this, though. To him, a donkey's grunt is sacred, and to mock it is an insult. He then storms off, going to collect his jawbreaker before leaving.

When Rolf gets to the tree, all the jawbreakers are gone. While the kids were playing the game, Eddy absconded with everyone's jawbreakers, eating them all. Following Eddy's drool trail, Rolf confronts him. The kids behind Rolf are all upset as well.

Realizing that Eddy has all the jawbreakers, Ed leaps into Eddy's mouth to get one, taking Edd with him. Demanding their jawbreakers back, Rolf and Jonny (on Plank's behalf) leap in as well. A fight then ensues inside Eddy's mouth while Jimmy and Sarah leave.

Later on, the Eds sit on the sidewalk outside The Candy Store. Eddy is hoping Edd can find a way to un-stretch his mouth. Edd, however, is traumatized from being stuck inside Eddy's mouth, and needs to recover. Ignoring what's around him, Ed simply sucks on the fake Jawbreaker Tree.


  • Goofs:
    • Jonny's sandals are white instead of brown.
    • Throughout the comic, Plank's eyes and mouth are occasionally colored black.
    • In the first panel on page two, Jonny's feet are the same color as Eddy's skin.
    • In the second panel on page two, one of Eddy's eyes is colored like his skin.
  • Edd references the time Eddy was deceived with a fake money tree in "Here's Mud in Your Ed".
  • One of Edd's books is authored by "Bungay". This is a reference to Angus Bungay, an inker for the comic, and the TV series.