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"A Town Called Ed" is the 21st episode of Season 5 and the 123rd episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Eddy discovers that his ancestors founded Peach Creek and decides to use this knowledge to rub it into the others' faces.


As all the kids race out of school to start the weekend, Edd informs Ed and Eddy that the books for their history homework are all checked out. Kevin tells everyone (except the Eds) to come over to his house the next day for the monster truck marathon. Eddy asks Kevin when his "shindig" will occur (despite Eddy not even liking monster trucks), but Kevin tells him he isn't invited and opens the school door on him, crushing him against the wall. The kids leave laughing and the Eds get the belongings they need to bring home from their lockers. While they're getting their belongings from their lockers, Ed tries to get his rotten lunch which is stuck to his locker by some sticky, slimy substance, causing the lockers to tilt slightly in the process. The dusty, forgotten items located on top of the locker fall to the ground, including a book entitled "Fort Peach Creek." Ed discovers the book, surprising Edd, as the book has been missing for quite some time. As he flips through the pages, he discovers that the last page of the book has been torn out.

During their trip home, Edd reads the book and also discovers that Eddy's ancestors were the first to inhabit Peach Creek. Eddy, nonplussed, reads it for himself and discovers his ancestors were indeed the pioneers who founded their town. Edd decides to use this information for their history assignment, but Eddy plans to use it to gain the respect of all of their peers.

The next morning, they send scrolls to all the houses in the cul-de-sac, informing the kids about Eddy's significance to their town's history and telling them to go to the Eddenheim Historical Museum of the founding of the Colony of Peach Creek for more information. Eddy is certain that the kids will be groveling and will apologize to him for the bad things they'd done to him. Unfortunately, the kids ignore them and head on over to Kevin's house for the marathon. Eddy, clearly angered and disappointed, decides to get their attention by other means.

At Kevin's, all the kids are watching the marathon, but Kevin's TV loses connection and all that appears on their screen is static. After hitting it several times, it works, but it shows the Eds on TV telling them the story of the founding of Peach Creek. Then, Eddy tells Kevin that his house is on the site where his ancestor's mansion once stood and angrily tells him that he needs to pay 300 years of unpaid rent. Kevin goes outside to see what is going on with the antenna. On his antenna, he discovers a clothes hanger with a line attached to it, which is plugged into Ed's camera, causing his TV only to broadcast the Eds' show.

He then removes it and attaches it to the Kankers' trailer's Antenna. Eddy finds out that the kids are still watching the marathon and Ed tries to prove that he attached the line to Kevin's antenna by pulling the cable attached the antenna, unintentionally pulling the Kankers' Trailer onscreen. The Kanker Sisters take a step outside and find the Eds and proceeds to kiss them, as the kids watch them and laugh, but before the Kankers could start, Edd stops and tells them that kissing them on "Eddy's Land" is punishable by law. Suddenly, Marie pulls out a paper from her pocket, which is the missing page of Fort Peach Creek. It reveals that Eddy's ancestors lost ownership of the land after losing a gambling match to Lord Kanker, the Kanker Sisters' ancestor. Therefore, the Eds technically owe them 300 years worth of "smooching and wootching". The episode ends with the Eds exclaiming "HISTORY IS SO UNKIND!" as the Kankers begin to kiss them.


  • Goofs:
    • On the Kanker Sisters' TV, Eddy's Thanksgiving show is initially in black and white. When Ed starts dragging the trailer towards the filming location, the same TV then shows the program in color.
    • Marie's lips are already red before she applies lipstick.
  • The boomerang from "Hand Me Down Ed" can be seen in the junkyard stuck within the side of a junk pile.
    • Likewise, a partially censored piece of signage is seen sticking out from the same junk pile carrying one of the more ribald slogans of A.K.A. Cartoon.
  • This and the previous episode premiered as part of Friday Night Premiere Thunder.
  • Eddy's ancestors used flintlock blunderbusses, as seen in the book Fort Peach Creek.
  • At the beginning of the episode, a poster reads: "Theater Auditions. This Friday. Drama Club. Ask Mr. Toomey." This references Cory Toomey, a character and prop designer.
  • It is revealed that Peach Creek was founded over 300 years ago. It is also possible that Eddy's ancestors were Puritans, based on their attire. If true, this would suggest that Peach Creek is located somewhere in the northeast United States; a region once dominated by the puritans.
  • Kevin calling Eddy "Dorkediah" is a reference to Eddy's pilgrim heritage.
  • One of the books on Edd's list was Thomas Dickie: A Pioneers Tale. This references Joel Dickie, a storyboard artist.


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