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"A Glass of Warm Ed" is the 19th episode of Season 1 and the 19th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Ed disrupts the cul-de-sac with his sleepwalking by stealing and subsequently eating everybody's food.


It's nighttime and Edd is sleeping tight, until he hears some noises and thinks it's a robber in his house. Grabbing Jim for protection, he heads downstairs and into the kitchen to see nobody is there. But when opening the one of the fridge compartments, Ed pops out, albeit with a rather swollen belly. Relieved to see it's just Ed, Edd questions what he's doing with all the food. However, Ed is too busy eating Edd's food. When Ed approaches Edd, Edd brandishes his cactus Jim by claiming "Don't make me use this!". Ed however then takes a bite of Jim and eats the part he bit off. Ed then walks out of the house through Edd's window with Edd calling out for Ed to stop, but Ed doesn't listen and continues walking off. Edd decides that he must get Eddy's help. After Ed leaves, Edd goes to Eddy's house to wake up Eddy and telling him Ed is sleepwalking and eating at the same time.

Eddy thinks it's no big deal until he realizes Ed has eaten his food too. Humored by this, Eddy and Edd follow after Ed. It then goes to Nazz's bedroom where Nazz is shown wearing a face mask and two cucumber slices on her eyes while she is sleeping. Ed then takes the cucumber on Nazz's left eye and eats it while also taking away Nazz's food. Edd and Eddy peek out from the side of the back door. Ed is then shown breaking down the door with a fridge in his hands, swallowing all the food in the refrigerator whole as he continues to sleepwalk, causing Eddy to laugh hysterically at the sight while Edd shushes him. Ed is then shown sleepwalking into Jimmy's house with Edd and Eddy noticing what is going on through a window. Ed is then shown opening a fridge while also scarfing down the food in it. Edd is concerned that Ed might wake Jimmy. However, Eddy is enjoying all of this and wants him to have a seat and watch the whole thing as if it were a circus act. Eddy eats some popcorn and Edd asks, "Are you going to share those?" Ed then eats the piles of food he was holding. He takes a slice of bread and sniffs it, tosses the bread into the air, and eats it. Edd is impressed by this talent and Eddy notes he doesn't know where he puts it all, but then Eddy sees that Ed is not in the kitchen and wonders where he went.

Jimmy is then shown sleeping in his bed. Jimmy then wakes up due to the hideous odor in the air. A shadow then approaches Jimmy and he takes his sleeping mask off and wonders if the shadow is Santa Claus. Edd and Eddy are then shown investigating the kitchen wondering where Ed is when they hear a cry for help. They then head to Jimmy's room and open the door to find Jimmy's in Ed's mouth with Jimmy trying to struggle out while also being disgusted that saliva is on him. Edd and Eddy are so shocked that they close the door. Eddy notes how glad he is to be man of the world while Edd notes that he is terrified beyond rational thought. Eddy opens the door again to find that Ed spat Jimmy back out, to Edd's relief. Eddy says they should get going, he not wanting to miss Ed getting heartburn.

Edd and Eddy are then shown following the piles of food scraps that Ed left behind. Edd then notes that sleepwalking and stealing people's food is one thing, but littering is another. They then see a sausage line going through Ed's window, but Eddy grabs it, however he gets pulled into Ed's room. Edd then comes in telling Eddy to be careful. Eddy then finds a chicken under the couch noting "Finders Keepers!". Edd then points out to Eddy that he found Ed. Ed is then shown sleeping while also having piles of foods around him. Eddy laughs at the sight of Ed sleeping on the food. Edd says Ed looks quite content among the food. "Yeah, like a beached whale," says Eddy. Edd and Eddy wake him up and tell him what he had done in his sleep. Edd and Eddy then sleep over at his house to monitor him. Soon, Ed starts sleepwalking again and goes to other houses getting even more food. They disturb Sarah a little, but she doesn't find out what's going on. "Ed, shut up!" she screams, slamming a toy duck against the floor. Ed walks off and starts eating an apple from a tree, only to fall and grab a pair of woman's underwear hanging from a clothes line with his teeth. The clothes line sends Ed flying and the underwear blows up like a balloon and Ed floats away, much to Eddy's amusement. Edd comes up with a plan and by using the odor from Ed's shoes they lure him back to his place. However, he cannot fit through the window because of all the food he ate and is immobilized for the time being. "We got him right where we want him," Eddy says.

In the morning, Jimmy crawls out from under the bed he was hiding under and discovers all of his food is missing. His stomach growls, hungry. Then he hears Eddy saying through a megaphone, "Fresh food! Cheap prices! Get your groceries at Ed's Mart!" When Jimmy leaves the house, he sees that all the kids are starving because they don't have any food to consume. The Eds start up the scam Ed's Mart, providing food for the starving kids, from Ed's body that he must've ingested. Thankfully, none ask of where their food had gone. Jonny asks for some Chunky Puffs and Eddy goes to the inventory (AKA Ed) to find them. Jonny gets his Chunky Puffs, commenting on how much he loves them. Ed asks Jonny, "Would you like milk with that?" Eddy agrees saying to Edd, "Can't have cereal without milk." As the episode ends, Edd pauses, then makes a disgusted groan and cringes.


  • Goofs:
    • Ordinarily, Edd's kitchen is to the left of the stairs. When Edd goes downstairs to investigate the sound, the kitchen is to the right of the stairs.
    • When Ed walks out of Edd's kitchen, he has a bottle of mustard in his mouth. After climbing out of Edd's window and hopping over the fence, he has a ham in his mouth instead.
    • Eddy gets out of bed, and stands at his bedroom door when Edd shows up. When the camera angle changes, they appear to be several feet outside.
    • Edd and Eddy tie Ed to his mattress with four ropes. When Ed sleepwalks again and exits his room, there are only three ropes holding him to the bed.
    • When Sarah yells at Ed from upstairs, her bed is smaller than usual.
    • After Jimmy says that his tummy needs food, he is briefly seen with two mouths.
    • When Eddy is seen talking into the megaphone, his tongue is the same color as Edd's.
  • This episode was included in a Cartoon Cartoon Fridays promotional VHS tape in 2000.
  • In this episode, Ed is shown sleeping in pajamas. Typically, Ed sleeps in his underwear.
  • This is the first time Ed is shown sleepwalking. He does it again in "Run for your Ed."
  • The En-O-Gee Drinks stand is reused for the Ed's Mart scam.
  • The glass of milk on the title card has a face that resemble Ed's.
  • This episode is included on the Game Boy Advance Video cartridge, Cartoon Network Collection Premium Edition.
  • According to the clock on Edd's nightstand, the events of this episode begin at approximately 2am.


Vlcsnap-2014-12-26-22h20m20s158 "Where's the cash?!?" – Eddy
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